One New Man In Messiah


How would you expect believers to react when they become firsthand witnesses to the fulfillment of both ancient and much more recent Biblical prophecy taking place in their midst?

We are so privileged to not only be able to observe the rolling out of God’s next Kingdom move, but also to be potential participants in the unveiling of what the Apostle Paul wrote about in his letters to the Ephesians and Galatians. Paul described a secret kept hidden by God until the appointed time. He called it the mystery of "one new man in Christ " where there is no Greek and no Jew, where there is no slave and no free, and no male and no female. (See Galatians 3:26-29.) The mystery of this Divine movement can especially be seen in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Apostle Paul's letter to the Ephesians. Gentiles, who by birth were initially without hope and without God, were accepted into the commonwealth of Israel with all of its Hebraic covenant promises through their faithful obedience to the Father's will.

The formation of this single new humanity was for the purpose of a relational restoration of the Divine Father's errant children back to Him. (See Ephesians 2:15-16). This movement takes on the qualities of a prodigal son/daughter return back to their Father, back to their heritage, and back to their pre-ordained destinies laid out in the first two chapters of Genesis. Our original parents had a relationship with Father God in the garden. They fell through disobedience. As a result, we lost our relationship with the Father, and we have been suffering the consequences ever since. Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah, offered Himself as an atoning sacrifice when He came to earth as the "bridge of blood" back to the Father. His death served to not only unite two previously foreign cultures, but also to reconcile all of us back to God our Father as His children. (See John 14:6, 1Pe. 3:18, and Rev. 5:9.)

An additional dimension of the unveiling of this "one new man" mystery is the revelation that we are part of a Divine construction project. In uniting two previously separated people groups, Messiah Jesus is carrying out the demolition of the wall of enmity between Jew and Gentile. After the demolition is complete, the construction phase of the entirely new building begins based on the Hebrew foundation of the Apostles and Prophets with Messiah Yeshua as its chief cornerstone. All of the building components are fitted as God’s dwelling place where there will finally be rest between the Father and His children. (See Isaiah 66:1-2.) God will dwell with us and in us. (See Rev 21:3.) The hearts of the children will be turned back to the fathers, and the fathers' hearts back to the children, as prophesied in the last Old Testament book of Malachi.

The One New Man Movement is the era of the third element of the Godhead, Father God. Reconciliation and restoration of the ruptured Father-child relationship will finally take place. Come join us on the path that will lead us all back home to our Hebrew roots, our heritage, and our Divine Creator.